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name tagA Name Tag or name badge allow customers or clients to identify employees and help turning a simple hello into a sale. Name Tags can be customised to any shape, colour or size to help create a personal touch in the work environment. We offer traditional name tags, name tags with logos, plastic name tags that are domed and name tags that are just engraved out of wood. We offer a professional solution for any budget or need. Bulk discounts are available on all products.

Quality Products and Service. Guaranteed.

Fast Friendly Service: Most of the orders are delivered nationwide within 3 to 5 working days. Delivery lead time is subject to the quantity amount.

Easy Ordering Process: Email us through the details you wish to have on the name tag & our design team will email back a proof and price. Advise what style of name tag you looking for, along with the size & colour finish.

Name tag selection: Choose between a plastic or wooden name tag. Printed or engraved, domed or not. Name tag is including magnets.

Classic Name Tag

We use 2 colour plastic laminates to be used for the name tags. The top layer colour of the two-ply plastic is removed by engraving it away, this will allow the bottom layer colour to show through. We have many colour combinations on offer for your choosing. The name tag will come standard with a magnet. Custom shape is also welcome, however we do offer set standard sizes for your choosing.

colour combination for name tag

What does a classic name tag look like ?

name tag samples

The above samples are engraved from 2 colour plastic. Top colour is engraved away to reveal the bottom colour. These engraved name tags can also be domed at an additional charge. All name tags come standard with magnets.

What are your standard sizes ?

name tag sizes


The above sizes is not the actual size. Size may vary on different screens.

custom shaped plastic name tag

Custom shapes and sizes are also available. Our laser machines are able to customise name tags to create a more personal touch.



What are the prices of your classic name tags ?


name tags engraved


domed name tags


Wooden Name Tag

wooden name tagWe stock 3 different types of wood veneered sheets to be used for our wooden name tags. Cherry, Bubinga & Pink Beech have an amazing engraved finish, that is perfect for clients who want a more natural feel. All wood name tags can be customised to any shape & size, they also come standard with magnets.

wooden name tag

wooden name tags

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