Are you in search of personalized golf divot tools? Aquarius Media is your ultimate destination. We possess state-of-the-art machinery capable of crafting stunning custom divot tools, complete with your company’s name. Make a statement at your next golf event by partnering with us. Our expertise in creating bespoke golf divot tools ensures that your brand stands out on the golf course.

What you need to know about our golf divot tools

Aquarius Media’s personalised golf divot tool offers a combination of practicality, personalisation, and quality. It also offers companies the opportunity to get their brand out there and on the golf courses of South Africa. Imagine the great brand visibility if your logo makes an appearance every time a golfer needs to repair a divot after a drive.

Pros of Personalised Divot Tools

Unique and Stylish

A personalised divot tool from Aquarius Media allows you to showcase your individuality and style on the golf course. Whether you choose to add your initials, name, or a special logo, it’s a great way to stand out and add a touch of personality to your golf gear.

Brand Awareness

Personalized divot tools are ideal for golf events, where numerous potential clients gather. Consider sponsoring each player with a golf divot tool featuring your brand. This way, every time they play golf, they carry a reminder of your company with them.

divot tools for golf
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divot tools for golf

What are golf divot tools ?

Golf divot tools, though small, are essential for golfers. Importantly, they maintain golf course quality globally. These tools primarily fix divots, or turf depressions. These depressions result from golf ball impacts. When used correctly, divot tools help. They keep greens and fairways even. Consequently, this offers a fair playing surface. Everyone on the course benefits from this. If you care for the course today, your next weekend game will be enjoyable.

What is the use of divot tools on the golf course ?

Firstly, a divot tool addresses green or fairway divots. When a golfer makes a divot, they use the tool. This tool gently lifts the turf edges. Then, it pushes grass back into place. Such actions aid turf healing and recovery. Consequently, this prevents dead spots and encourages healthy growth. Not only does this beautify the course, but it also ensures consistent play.

golf divot tool for repairing greens. Custom divot tool with your company logo.

Unrepaired divots can slow down putts, affecting ball rolls. Imagine your ball deviating off course due to an unrepaired divot. Without a tool, fixing a divot is tough and slow. However, with a tool, it takes seconds. Therefore, keeping a custom divot tool is a smart choice.

Why do you want to personlise your divot repair tool ?

Owning a personalised divot tool boosts your golfing experience. Firstly, it serves as a fashionable accessory. These tools often feature customization options, like initials or logos. Specifically, these can be printed on the ball marker section. This customization adds a personal touch to your gear. Moreover, these tools are ideal gifts for golf enthusiasts. They showcase individual preferences and enhance brand visibility.

Additionally, the brand exposure they provide is significant. The branding on these tools lasts until they’re lost or discarded. This ensures prolonged brand recognition.

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    Pros of the Divot REPAIR Tool Itself

    Efficient Divot Repair

    Aquarius Media’s divot tool is designed for easy and effective divot repair. The tool’s forked prongs allow you to gently lift the edges of a divot and press the grass back into place, promoting quick healing and healthy turf growth. This helps maintain the course’s quality and provides a smoother and more enjoyable playing surface.


    A custom golf divot tool from Aquarius Media is constructed with high-quality materials, ensuring its long-lasting performance. It can withstand regular use and resist wear and tear, making it a reliable and lasting addition to your golf accessories.


    A personalised golf divot tool is not just a practical golf accessory; it’s an expression of your individuality and style. It represents you on the golf course, making it easy to identify and giving it a sense of ownership.

    golf ball markers that fit onto divot tools

    Improve your golf game with our divot tools

    A personalised divot tool from Aquarius Media isn’t just another metal divot tool. It is a useful addition to your golf equipment and makes an excellent gift for fellow golfers, as well as customers who enjoy a game of golf.

    We offer several different styles of custom divot tools that you can choose from like the Original 1.0, the Switch 1.0, the Classique 1.0, or the Hatclip 1.0. You can browse our range here. They are lightweight, and durable, with a removable logo ball marker that is customisable.

    While you are browsing have a look at some of our other personalised products like desk name plates, and vinyl stickers.

    Contact us today to order your personalised golf divot tool, maybe even get one for each of your golfing buddies, and go and enjoy a round of golf to put them to the test.

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