Self-inking rubber stamps are essential in the business world. Firstly, they enhance your brand’s image. Secondly, they cut costs, contributing to a more sustainable business. Moreover, they effectively convey messages on documents, streamlining workflow. Are high-quality office rubber stamps on your list? Look no further than Aquarius Media.

As one of South Africa’s premier rubber stamp manufacturers, Aquarius Media stands out. We have developed exceptional skills over the years, ensuring our clients receive only top-quality stamps. Our self-inking rubber stamps are the ultimate office tool, designed for quick and easy stamping!

rubber stamps manufactured by Aquarius Media

Manufacture High-Quality Rubber Stamps

By dealing directly with us, the manufacturer, you’ll enjoy better prices and service. Our extensive range of self-inking stamps allows for quick authentication of documents. Whether it’s a simple or complex task, we have various stamp types to meet your needs. Our selection includes diverse stamp mounts like self-inking and wooden rubber stamps, perfect for addressing envelopes, showcasing company logos, customizing wedding stationery, and more.

Introducing the CSI-Series

These stamps offer a wide range of sizes, from small to large. They feature a blend of metal and plastic components, paired with an industrial spring for smooth stamping. Additionally, a soft ABS plastic coating ensures comfortable handling.

Discover the R-Series

Designed for heavy-duty office use, these stamps boast a sturdy metal frame. They are ideal for frequent users, featuring a larger handle, frame stabilizer, and an innovative bushing mechanism. This series represents our most advanced heavy-duty rubber stamp yet.

Custom Rubber Stamps at Aquarius Media Supply

We are your go-to source for custom stamps. Whether you need a stamp with your name, signature, logo, or any other design, we can tailor it to your specifications. Choose from a variety of ink colors, fonts, and graphics. Simply send us your design and receive your personalized rubber stamp within 48 hours. With our online stamp customizer, creating custom rubber stamps is now incredibly easy and quick. Customize your rubber stamp online in just minutes.

Champion Self Inkers

Discover our range of plastic self-inking stamps, the top choice for office use. Available in various sizes and with an optional changeable date feature, these stamps offer versatility and efficiency. To view prices and place your order, simply click the “Customise Rubber Stamps” button now

Robust Self Inkers

Explore our selection of metal self-inking stamps, ideal for heavy-duty use. Choose from various sizes, with options for a changeable date feature. Click the “Customise Rubber Stamps” button now to view pricing and place your order.


Experience the Versatility of Our High-Quality Rubber Stamps

Our office rubber stamps simplify multiple tasks and provide official documents with a clean, professional appearance. Additionally, our self-inking stamps are an efficient way to save both money and time. Below, discover various types of custom rubber stamps and their applications:

Return address stamp: Streamline your posting tasks with a rubber stamp featuring your company’s return address. This not only facilitates easy access to the sender’s information for the receiver but also ensures undelivered posts return to the address on the stamp.

Signature rubber stamp: Ideal for customizing with your position, name, or signature, the signature rubber stamp simplifies office task authorization. Personalize it with your signature for added convenience.

Branding or logo: Mark your brand professionally and cost-effectively with a company logo stamp. It’s an efficient way to brand gifts, vouchers, sale cards, events, and more.

Professional marking: Leave an authentic, professional mark on important official documents with company stamps.

Why Our Rubber Stamps are Recognized as Professional

Our rubber stamps feature smooth oscillation movement, ensuring quality and clear impressions without any mess. The high-quality business rubber stamps are equipped with a sleek spring-loading self-inking system that stays ink-rich and delivers perfect impressions every time.

The “see-through” base of our stamps aids in precise imprint positioning. We provide a diverse range of sizes and styles, catering to all business and personal stamping needs.

The Uniqueness of Our Rubber Stamps

  • Long-lasting metal construction
  • Industrial springs for robust use
  • User-friendly design with accurate imprint positioning
  • Fast nationwide delivery within 48 hours
  • Competitive pricing
  • Rubber text crafted using advanced laser engraving technology

Our professional rubber stamps eliminate the hassle of messy ink, crafted from premium materials using the latest techniques for maximum efficiency and quality.

maxstamp rubber stamps

Buy rubber stamps today from Aquarius Media

Aquarius Media has been in the rubber stamp industry since 2003. We are the market leader in making different types of stamps for various businesses. We have a wide range of custom rubber stamps for sale in South Africa. Call us today for a free quote!

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Aquarius Media is one of the market leaders in the industry and have been established since 2003.

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    CSI range of rubber stamps

    CSI- Series

    The CSI-Series of stamps offers a complete choice of sizes from small & handy to large & generous. They are equipped with metal & plastic parts combined with an industrial spring to reinforce superior quality over competitive brands, with a soft ABS plastic coating to make the handling of the stamp comfortable.

    metal range of rubber stamps

    R- Series

    The R-Series of stamps are for sturdy heavy duty office use. Made with a metal frame which is designed for those who use it very often. The larger handle, frame stabilizer and new bushing mechanism has enabled us to create the best heavy duty rubber stamp we have ever offered.

    Download the MaxStamp sizing guide pdf.

    Custom Rubber Stamps in Johannesburg and the rest of South Africa

    We have supplied Custom Self Inking Rubber Stamps to customers in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Pretoria, Port Elizabeth and the rest of South Africa. We make the actual custom stamps in Johannesburg. For example, we have supplied:

    • Custom MaxStamps to customers based in Benoni, Midrand, Roodepoort, Sandton, Fourways, Midrand, Boksburg and surrounds
    • CSI-Series Custom Self-Inking Stamps to clients in Edenvale, Alberton, and surrounds
    • R-Series Custom Stamps to Joburg based customers in Kempton Park, East Rand Bedfordview and surrounding areas.

    Aquarius Media is one of the market leaders in the Custom Rubber Stamp industry and have been established since 2003.

    If you looking for the best possible prices don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote on supplying top quality Custom Rubber Stamps in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pretoria or anywhere else in South Africa. See below some more examples.

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