Vinyl Stickers 

Aquarius Media specialises in creating high-quality vinyl and domed stickers. We use only the best printing & doming machines to produce quality work for our clients with quick turnaround times to ensure our customers keep coming back for more.  

Vinyl stickers are cost-effective and durable stickers that are printed on vinyl and cut to size. These stickers are easy to apply and made to stick to a variety of different surfaces. The great thing is that even though a well-applied vinyl sticker is made to last for several years, it can still be easily removed if you want to, without leaving bits of sticker or residue behind. 

Custom vinyl stickers are usually used for branding purposes. They can be used to brand vehicles, shop windows, merchandise, giveaways and so much more. But they are not only used for business. These can also be used to personalise bedrooms, laptops, and water bottles among other items. You can get really creative with and showcase your personality and creativity with your decorating. 

What makes our vinyl stickers special 

At Aquarius Media, we believe in quality products and quality service, striving to give you the best possible experience from ordering, through to delivery or collection. 

We pride ourselves on printing high-quality and long-lasting vinyl stickers and delivering them in a fast and friendly way. We are able to print smaller sizes as well as the larger vinyl decal stickers that are used to stick on walls, windows and cars.  

We also do custom printing, where you can send us a high-resolution image of what you would like, and we print it for you. We do offer design services at an extra hourly fee if you know what you want but don’t have a design available. 

If you are looking at showcasing your brand, then custom vinyl stickers are worth the investment.

You can stick your logo and your contact details on any number of products to sell or give away and rest assured that your order from us is guaranteed to be high-quality and long-lasting. We also print larger vinyl decal stickers for corporate branding and promotions.

Along with the vinyl stickers, decals and custom prints, we also offer domed stickers. A domed sticker is a vinyl sticker that has a clear three-dimensional finish to it. You dome the original sticker by pouring clear epoxy liquid onto it. The epoxy then flows to the edges of the label and leaves a clear bubble over the sticker. We then bake the epoxy resin in our industrial ovens, and they get cemented. Once it has been through the process nothing can remove the bubble from the sticker. We mostly use soft doming resin, which allows the sticker to be applied onto curved surfaces and gives the sticker an elegant feel. 

So if you want to take your stickers to another level, we recommend doming your vinyl stickers. We can custom print and dome them to any size or shape and with our UV-stabilised guarantee they will look their best for 3 years outdoors and 5 years indoors. 

resin domed stickers for branding purposes

Get your custom vinyl stickers today! 

At Aquarius Media, we can print any custom vinyl sticker your heart desires. We can print them big, we can print them small, and we can print as many as you want. Prices vary depending on the size and type of sticker you want, so contact us today and let us give you a competitive quote.  

Custom vinyl stickers open doors to business growth and opportunity in South Africa. The sky is the limit when it comes to design, and we can print thousands of stickers every day and can dome up to 20 000 stickers on a daily basis. 

Have a browse through our selection and be inspired by what you can accomplish with a high-quality printed custom vinyl sticker.  

Here are a few places you might consider sticking a custom vinyl sticker in South Africa. 

  • Your car’s back window or door 
  • Your refuse bin 
  • Your travel mug 
  • Your laptop 
  • Your cellphone cover 
  • Your shop door or window 
  • Your living room wall 
  • Your reception area 

It is a great way to do any form of temporary promotion because although it is long-lasting, and with our UV-stabilised guarantee they will look their best for 3 years outdoors and 5 years indoors, it can be easily removed once the promotion is over. 

Contact Aquarius Media today for the best custom vinyl stickers in South Africa. 

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